Monday, August 26, 2013

Some words are just untranslatable

Saw a link posted by a friend and thought it was kinda interesting to read it.

It's about untranslatable words from other cultures. In this link, they explained the meaning and in which (suitable) situation to use them (correctly).

I read all 11 and I thought this few below are kinda use-able.

Inuit: IktsuarpokThe feeling of anticipation that leads you to go outside and check if anyone is coming, and probably also indicates an element of impatience.
I do this when I expect a guest or when I am waiting for my ride. This is really useful! Can I mix it with German? "Ich fühle mich Iktsuarpok"
Russian: PochemuchkaSomeone who asks a lot of questions. In fact, probably too many questions. We all know a few of these. 
This is my favourite , going to try to remember it for sure and use it on ......... (fill in the blanks :P)  
"You Pochemuchka you"--- it sounds vulgar though 
"Why you so Pochmuchka one"

Indonesian: JayusTheir slang for someone who tells a joke so badly, that is so unfunny you cannot help but laugh out loud. 
I wander if there's a Malay word for this. I only know the word Jakun but it has a totally different meaning. 

 Hawaiian: Pana PoʻoYou know when you forget where you've put the keys, and you scratch your head because it somehow seems to help your remember? This is the word for it. 
Kinda my habit every time I am looking for something. 
Oh here is the link by the way if you're interested too.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Projekt ... aber wo

We are bothered by problems and we have our own ways of handling our emotions. Me? It usually goes away the next day, if I get a good night sleep. Or when I sing out loud for a few hours. Or watch my favourite BBT and then laugh my heart out. 

I think I have become more pessimistic as years passed. I miss my happy go lucky me sometimes.

Few months ago I thought of starting a "Happy Project" virtually where I (or friends) could post up anything happy. Could be a short blog entry of the happy memory of the day or a cute puppy video, anything. Maybe from this project it could cheer me up when I am feeling all down in future.  

But which platform? Facebook is too much, probably Tumblr or Wordpress is a better option. Lets see. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Was fehlt?

As the date gets nearer I feel sadder and wished time would stop or ticks away slower. 
Excitement of going home... where are you? 

Anyways, ... 

apparently dad wasn't happy when I did not ask him if he could pick me up from the airport. Dad insisted to pick me up, although it is in the middle of the week. He works in another state, and I didn't want him to be tired from all the travelling. So I did not ask him. I hope Dad doesn't get the wrong idea and be too sensitive about it. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Round & round goes my head

What a day. 

My head is hurting from overthinking and, overanalyzing. Having cramps at the same time doesn't help but it kept me away from getting bothered by the pain. 

Today I noticed T, at where I lost T. I don't know if it was really destiny. I am just afraid that it would just bring in more trouble. The new T lives in the neighborhood and looks kinda vicious. Report was then made, fearing T might harm us. 

'Luck' was again by our side when we noticed T again. 

I don't really mind about t, its that K I am worry of. It might endanger the people's safety. 

Also I am worry of his safety. I am leaving soon, and I don't want to leave with worries. :(  

But what if he sees T? Or the way around? 

Taking people's belonging without consent is against the rules, no matter how big or small the value is. But the question is, is it worth it ? To get T penalized for T? Might bump into him again. Will it get ugly? Is he going to be safe after? Is it worth all the trouble? 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Change of eating habit

Certain things needs drastic measures. A current example Mr J and I are facing, a big belly caused by overeating and chocolate. 

Action was taken. Decision was made. No turning back. 

No rice or noodles during dinners, or should I say heavy meals per se. No pasta, pizza, wurst, fries in our meal. We are trying to incorporate only vegetable or fruits in our dinner.
I am totally in love with eating yoghurt with fruits. Taste so good

Having eating-early habit. Lunch by 1230pm. Dinner by 7pm, sometimes as early as 6pm. 

No public transport. Only walking. 

Get groceries daily. (Which means I need to m-o-v-e my lazy ass) Well I live in the fifth floor, that much of stairs could help, I , hope.  

Drinking lots of water. 

No sign of snacks in the kitchen. For example, chips, chocolates. Have a need to snack? Just have apples or bananas laid on the table. Or drink water. 

Its been 10 days, it feels great so far. I am not sure if the above helps to reduce weight but I just want to maintain my weight. Its a bonus if I loose alil weight , but I think I am practising a healthier diet. I, think.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Dankbar sein

Although it saddens me that I have to leave his side, but I am glad to be here. To actually give it a shot. To do something out of my comfort zone, something I wasn't sure of the outcome from the start.  

This one year break was good. 

I think, I made the best out of my stay here. Taking up a language course full time and doing my best to grasp it as much as possible. Too bad I couldn't perfect it till the point of 'mother tongue', but I will keep trying. 

It's been some time since I dedicated myself so much to something. I can say it now, that it pays off :)  

I guess many would never understand or agree about my decision. "ONLY GERMAN? What a waste of time!" . 

Investing on a language (or any other interest) would never come to a waste. It would help you in future, without you realising it. 

The next language I am going to take up? It definitely has to be Spanish. 

"Now, who wants to be my spokesperson? 
I am not really up to telling my story for 100 times. 
It's tiring and boring LOL. "

PS: I am truly grateful to have my supportive family and friends who's been there for me :)